September 29, 2010

dear the greatest woman on earth

mom.... i don't know where to start.i don't even know what am i suppossed to to say i'm sorry.. i'm sorry for all the sucks things i ever done. and i'm regrets for it can i said to you that i'm so lost now. how i'm depper in my self loneliness.i'm so hurting hurt when i saw the other people can get their dream so easy.i'm so scared... so affraid to lead my life.i can stand it all alone. it seems i have nobody to carry hard to move never know how you've become my inspiration,,you were my idol.though i know that i'm not be the person that you expected to be all i know is..this was punishment for me.i'm so sorry mama....i wish i could turn back time and wipe the tears that i cost.healing the pain in your heart that i ever made.but i know it's impossible and maybe it's too late.if i can be born for the second time maybe i won't chose this way !!!! i'm so sorry... i beg you for it.

*still hoping that it's not too late*

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